Health System Logo

Health System Mark

This mark is used to signify that a communication is from the clinical health system. The spoken form of this mark is “Augusta University Health”.

Use the color combinations to the left when placing the mark on a brand color.

Size and Clear Space

When the logo appears on its own, it requires a fixed amount of clear space around it. Text, photos or other graphic elements should never encroach on this space. There are no standardized placement guidelines for the logo. Designers should use discretion and follow clear space guidelines.

All variations of the logo’s clear space are determined by the width of the shield.

It is also encouraged to follow these size guidelines when using the logo. If the logo is too small, it loses legibility. When too large, it overwhelms the design and loses graphic integrity.

If you have a question or specific need regarding size, color, usage or application of the logo that falls outside of these parameters, please contact the Division of Communications and Marketing.

Health System Lockups

Health system lockups carry the university look and feel. The type treatments are treated as artwork and follow the same clear space rules as the logo. Additional marks or colors are not permitted.

Children’s Hospital of Georgia

This mark is used exclusively for the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.The Children’s Hospital of Georgia logo is the official logo of CHOG. Children’s Hospital of Georgia refers to our 154-bed facility providing specialized care for pediatric patients. Because of its unique mission, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia has a distinct visual identity designed to appeal to its primary audience.

Georgia Cancer Center

The Georgia Cancer Center mark is the official mark of the entity. It carries the university look and feel, with a nod to its clinical affiliation. This mark should be used on all general communications and collateral promoting the Georgia Cancer Center. General merchandise for the Georgia Cancer Center should also use this mark.

These logos are not available for download. If you have a question or specific need regarding the logo, please contact the Division of Communications and Marketing. Anything produced with the health logo should be for patient consumption including materials created by marketing, bills, mass advertising, and the website The Augusta University mark is our overall brand that reflects the health system as well. In most cases including internal communications, the overall university mark should be used.